What to Practice
1. Practice making tight turns. You should learn to be comfortable turning just before the moment of impact.
2. Practice painting - going back and forth and filling space to stay alive. An experienced player can fill-up a contorted space while barely missing any blocks.
3. Pros suggest playing on the mini-grid. It will accelerate your learning curve to control your cycle and think quickly.
4. Practice making turns while in the midst of a turbo. It is important for cutting opponents off or beating them to a spot. Your cycle moves at twice the speed as normal and lasts for 12 cycle-blocks.
5. Practice making accurate jumps and getting a feel for how many blocks you can clear. Your cycle moves at a normal speed during a jump and skips over 6 cycle-blocks.
6. A hard fought match often comes down to the ability to perform under pressure. Practice and visualize to mentally prepare yourself when things are down to the wire.
  Strategies - Gameplay
1. It is usually better to be chased than to be chasing. If you are being chased, you can dictate when somebody has to turn since you are in front. It is much harder for somebody who is chasing to do this.
2. One opening maneuver is to head straight to a wall and seal off an area from opponents. The grid border is a "free pre-built" wall. This strategy can also backfire since you are in a sense, closing-off an option.
3. Another opening tactic is to stay away from the walls and others to keep your options open. Stay near the start-up spot and wait for others to make their moves and watch the board develop.
4. Leaving a 2-block gap means you will be able to leave an area through that gap, and return to it as well. A 1-block gap can be thought of as a one way door.
5. Always be wary of the speed burst an opponent has with a turbo when trying to cut you off. Be ready to turn away from the attacker or to engage your own turbo.
6. Jumps are best used in the mid to late-stages of a round.
7. By jumping through the border of the grid, you can transport your cycle from one side of the grid to the other. It is a good way to surprise and/or escape opponents.
8. Use the element of suprise and attack by jumping into an opponent's space and turbo-ing to cut them off.
  Strategies - Other
1. Try to gain XP and level-up quickly to get more boosts. One more jump or turbo can be crucial to winning rounds.
2. Make sure you finish out matches so that you can collect any XP points you have gained by beating players during rounds.
3. If you are not a beginner, playing on the mini-grid will tend to make XP gain faster.